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Comic Zeal Comic Reader Mini 5.1.7

Read CBR and CBZ comic files on your iPhone

Comic Zeal Comic Reader Mini is an iPhone and iPod app that lets you read your comic files on the go. View full description


  • Flexible
  • Highly configurable
  • Simple to import comics


  • No fancy transitions

Very good

Comic Zeal Comic Reader Mini is an iPhone and iPod app that lets you read your comic files on the go.

Digitized comics are now nothing new, and Comic Zeal's big advantage is that it lets you import any of yours via iTunes into the app. You are not locked into just reading what you buy or download in the app. The main comic formats are supported, like CBR and CBZ, so you can be sure your comics will be compatible.

In terms of ease of reading, the apps associated with ComiXology with their specially adapted digital editions, have the edge on Comic Zeal. However, navigating pages is still easy on a touch screen, and zooming in is a cinch even if the dramatic transitions of ComiXology are missing.

For anyone with an existing collection of digitized comics, Comic Zeal is a no brainer. It's easy to import your comics, the library it well organized and the app have lots of settings so you can get them looking just right.

Comic Zeal is a fantastic comic reader, that makes up in flexibility what it loses in visual tricks.


  • Added option to auto-sort a series when new comics are added to it on import.
  • Added option to auto-sort the home page after an import.
  • Comic Zeal will generate high resolution thumbnails when the device has a retina display.
  • Comic Zeal will now try harder to find thumbnails to represent a series if there are dividers present in the series.
  • Comics downloaded from bitolithic are no longer backed up.
  • The 'new comics are western/manga' is infinitely more reliable.
  • Fixed issue where holding down a button on the slider menu would bring up the options of the underlying entry.
  • Fixed issue where a comic container text was blurry on a non-retina iPhone.
  • Fixed a bug where comic dividers wouldn't accept comics if they had been tapped once after being created (were actually 'closed' but not showing it).
  • Fixed issue where comics marked as manga wouldn't start on the left of the page if the zoom level was set to 'page fit'.
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Comic Zeal Comic Reader Mini 5.1.7